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MESH Brightness is an app-enabled light sensor that detects ambient light. You can use it to trigger all kinds of actions when ambient light is detected in a certain range or even when there are changes in the brightness of ambient light.

For instance, an everyday box can be transformed into a smart box that speaks a greeting each time it's opened. Just place a MESH Brightness in a box and set it to "Detect Openness," which will trigger the audio greeting to play every time the box is opened. 

  • Ambient light sensor with customizable functions
  • Compatible with development boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.), sensors, and actuators.
  • Built-in IFTTT integration (use hundreds of Internet-enabled gadgets & web services)
  • Visual coding app (drag-and-drop interface, program blocks, send sensor data, and more)
  • For advanced users: simple integration with custom software via MESH SDK (javascript)
  • Rechargeable (30-day battery life), durable, and compact
  • Bluetooth (BLE) to connect to MESH app (The MESH app on your phone or tablet is the hub for running and controlling the MESH blocks. The MESH blocks will only run when they are connected via Bluetooth to your device. Just remember to keep your MESH blocks within 30 feet of your device.)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

Customizable Functions:

  • Brightness Change - Trigger an action if there is a change in ambient light
  • Detect Closeness - Trigger an action if the tag is detected to be concealed from light
  • Detect Openness - Trigger an action if the tag is detected to not be concealed from light 
  • Check Brightness - Use another action, like a click of MESH Button, to check whether ambient light is within a set range and then trigger another action
  • Check Closeness - Use another action, like a click of MESH Button, to check whether the tag is concealed from light to trigger another action
  • Check Openness - Use another action, like a click of MESH Button, to check whether the tag is not concealed from light to trigger another action
  • Adjust brightness range between 1 to 10

MESH Brightness Hack:

  • MESH Brightness can also be used to detect proximity and sense things nearby. However, because MESH Brightness uses infrared rays it may not be able to detect certain things depending on their position, direction or nature.

Tech specs: Operating area of 30ft; built-in rechargeable battery (30-day life); micro-USB charging (USB not included); charging time approximately 1 hour; dimensions 0.94in x 1.89in X 0.47in; BLE (Bluetooth 4.0); check MESH app-compatible devices here.





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