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MESH GPIO is an app-enabled general-purpose input/output for quick prototyping and instant deployment of your project. The block has out-of-the-box connectivity and built-in functions that make connecting to the internet, web services, and other devices simple and instant.

Connect MESH GPIO to your development board like Arduino or Raspberry Pi to use MESH wireless sensors in your project for quick prototyping and experimentation. 

To get started check out our free digital guide to MESH GPIO to learn more about the block, the types of projects you can build, and useful accessories. (The MESH GPIO instructional guide is available as a free download in our online store in "GPIO Accessories".)

  • A programmable, 10-pin, digital and analog input/output, 
  • Compatible with development boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.), sensors, and actuators.
  • Built-in IFTTT integration (use hundreds of Internet-enabled gadgets & web services)
  • Compatible with many Internet-enabled gadgets & web services
  • Visual coding app (drag-and-drop interface, program blocks, send sensor data, and more)
  • For advanced users: simple integration with custom software via MESH SDK (javascript)
  • Rechargeable (30-day battery life), durable, and compact
  • Bluetooth (BLE) to connect to MESH app (The MESH app on your phone or tablet is the hub for running and controlling the MESH blocks. The MESH blocks will only run when they are connected via Bluetooth to your device. Just remember to keep your MESH blocks within 30 feet of your device.)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • GPIO Pin Information (PDF)

Customizable Functions:

  • Functions: digital in, digital out, analog in, analog out, PWM out, VOut Supply 
  • Customizable settings for type and strength of digital signal, duty ratio, voltage range, voltage threshold, and status of power supply
  • For more details check out our GPIO FAQ


  • Control servos and other actuators wirelessly.
  • Add wireless remote control and internet connectivity to your project with MESH sensors.
  • Integrate web services like Google Sheets or into your projects.
  • Connect to popular gadgets like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for Echo,
  • Interface with internet-enabled gadgets like WeMo, Nest, SmartThings, Fitbit, and more.

    Tech specs: Operating area of 30ft; built-in rechargeable battery (30-day life); micro-USB charging (USB not included); charging time approximately 1 hour; dimensions 0.94in x 1.89in X 0.47in; BLE (Bluetooth 4.0); check  MESH app-compatiable devices here.





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