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MESH Motion is an app-enabled, infrared motion sensor that is useful for detecting the movement of people and animals. You can use MESH Motion to build motion-controlled projects that can trigger an action like a notification when motion is detected late at night in your home or a greeting when your DIY talking robot detects motion nearby.

MESH Motion features:

  • Infrared motion sensor
  • Compatible with development boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.), sensors, and actuators.
  • Built-in IFTTT integration (use hundreds of Internet-enabled gadgets & web services)
  • Visual coding app (drag-and-drop interface, program blocks, send sensor data, and more)
  • For advanced users: simple integration with custom software via MESH SDK (javascript)
  • Rechargeable (30-day battery life), durable, and compact
  • Bluetooth (BLE) to connect to MESH app (The MESH app on your phone or tablet is the hub for running and controlling the MESH blocks. The MESH blocks will only run when they are connected via Bluetooth to your device. Just remember to keep your MESH blocks within 30 feet of your device.)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

Customizable Functions:

  • Detect Motion - Trigger an action when motion detected.
  • Undetected - Trigger an action when no motion is detected.
  • Check Motion - Use another action, like a click of MESH Button, to check for motion or for the absence of motion and then trigger another action.
  • Waiting Time - Set how long MESH Motion should wait to detect motion again. 
  • State - You can check past records of detection. Detected/undetected
  • For more details check out our MESH Motion FAQs

MESH Motion Hacks:

MESH Motion uses infrared heat to detect motion which can impact accuracy when the tag is moved or placed in close proximity to lots of human or animal movement. MESH Motion only detects motion that crosses paths with the block, so motion such as walking straight towards the block or away from the blog will not be detected by the sensor.


Tech specs: Operating area of 30ft; built-in rechargeable battery (30-day life); micro-USB charging (USB not included); charging time approximately 1 hour; dimensions 0.94in x 1.89in X 0.47in; BLE (Bluetooth 4.0); check MESH app-compatible devices here.




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