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MESH Move is an app-enabled accelerometer for quick prototyping and instant deployment of your project. The wireless sensor has out-of-the-box connectivity and built-in functions that make connecting to the internet, web services, and other devices simple and instant.
  • Functions: detects shaking, flipping, vibration, and orientation (Front, back, left, right, top, bottom)
  • Customizable settings: sensitivity and detection interval
  • Compatible with development boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.), sensors, and actuators.
  • Built-in IFTTT integration (use hundreds of Internet-enabled gadgets & web services)
  • Visual coding app (drag-and-drop interface, program blocks, send sensor data, and more)
  • For advanced users: simple integration with custom software via MESH SDK (javascript)
  • Rechargeable (30-day battery life), durable, and compact
  • Bluetooth (BLE) to connect to MESH app (The MESH app on your phone or tablet is the hub for running and controlling the MESH blocks. The MESH blocks will only run when they are connected via Bluetooth to your device. Just remember to keep your MESH blocks within 30 feet of your device.)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

MESH Move Hacks:

  • Build an Arduino gadget that transforms a surface into an interactive interface that senses taps and vibrations using MESH Move.
  • Prototype a wearable device using accelerometer technology to dream up the next popular fitness-tracking wearables.
  • Create a wireless remote to control a Philips Hue smart light bulb (or any other smart gadget) and set the remote to use shaking or orientation to trigger the smart light bulb.
  • Place MESH Move on a door to monitor when it's opened and receive a text message each time.
  • Attach MESH Move to a pair of dumbbells to count and log lift data to a Google spreadsheet.
  • Connect MESH to your own app to collect accelerometer data from MESH Move.

Tech specs:  Operating area of 30ft; built-in rechargeable battery (30-day life); micro-USB charging (USB not included); charging time is approximately 1 hour; dimensions 0.94in x 1.89in X 0.47in; BLE (Bluetooth 4.0); check MESH app-compatible devices here 



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