Motor Driver


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This is an extension board designed for MESH GPIO which can be used to control one compact DC motor. All the parts on the board are fully assembled, however, please purchase DC motor and power separately (check out the MESH GPIO Kit).

  • Control voltage: 3.3 V
  • Operating voltage: 0 ~ 11 V
  • Output current: 2.4 A (continuously), 3 A (peak)
  • VM GND pin: power connector pin for motor
  • OUT1 OUT2 pin: motor connector pin
  • GPIO tag pin: Vo DOUT3 PWM GND
  • PWM: velocity control
  • DOUT3: rotation direction control
  • Schematic (PDF)
  • Manufactured by Switch Science


Learn more about the Motor Driver: 

Example: Use MESH Button block to turn on a DC motor and use the orientation of MESH Move block to control the rotation of the motor. 

In this recipe the Button block is used to trigger the GPIO block to turn on the DC motor. The orientation of the Move block is then used to trigger the GPIO block and different settings on the DC motor.


Sample recipe image: MESH GPIO block connected to the Motor Driver board. DC motor and external battery pack connected to the Motor Driver board.




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