Luminosity Sensor


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The Luminosity Sensor is an expansion board designed for MESH GPIO. With MESH GPIO, a change in luminosity can be used as a trigger for an action. 

  • Power Supply Voltage :3.3 V
  • Output Voltage:0 - 3.3 V (dark to bright)
  • R3、R4、SJ1: for adjusting the sensitivity
  • Schematic (PDF)
  • Manufactured by Switch Science


Learn more about the Luminosity Sensor:

Example: Play a bell when there is a change in ambient light.

In this is a recipe the luminosity sensor will detect when ambient light falls below a certain level and will trigger the sound of a bell (using the speaker on the tablet or smartphone) as an alert of the change in ambient light.

How this recipe works:

  1. Use MESH Button to set the GPIO's Vout Supply to "On'
  2. Set Analog In of MESH GPIO to Trigger (Above → Below) Threshold 0.4 V
  3. Connect MESH GPIO (Analog In) to Speaker software block and set the block to play the "Bell" sound



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