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This is an extension board designed for MESH GPIO. Nch FET is on the board and controls the PWM pin on the GPIO block. For instance, you could use the FET board to control a high current that can't be managed by just the GPIO block or blink multiple LEDs simultaneously. All the parts come mounted in place however, you will need to prepare external power separately.

  • External power voltage: DC12 V (Maximum)
  • Maximum current: 3 A
  • GPIO connecting pin: PWM
  • External power pin: VDD GND
  • Load connection pin: + - (Current direction +→-)
  • Schematic (PDF)
  • Manufactured by Switch Science 


Learn more about the FET Board:

Example: Each time you press the Button block the brightness of the LED changes.

In this recipe, MESH Button block is used to toggle between alternating levels of brightness each time the button is pressed. (Please note: an AC adapter with 5V output was attached to the power supply and the LED backlight and resistor were connected.)

 How it works:

  1. Connect Button blocks to a Switch software block set to "Alternate"
  2. Connect two GPIO blocks (set to "PWM Out" with two different values) to the outputs
  3. Connect - to external power supply + and GND to external power supply - to VDD of terminal block. Please connect a load to + and - of the terminal block. Current flows from + to -

Sample recipe photo:





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