Getting Started with MESH GPIO Kit

Getting Started with MESH GPIO Kit


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The getting started kit includes a set of electronic parts that are useful for projects that explore basic electronics like motors, LEDs, and buzzers.

To get started check out our free digital guide to MESH GPIO to learn more about the block, the types of projects you can build, and useful accessories. (The MESH GPIO instructional guide is available as a free download under GPIO Accessories.)

Kit Includes:

  • Hobby Motor
  • Hobby Gear-motor
  • Alligator Clip with Pigtail
  • Motor Driver for MESH GPIO
  • Battery Holder 2xAA with Cover and Switch
  • Resistor LED
  • Buzzer
  • Mini Breadboard
  • Jumper Wires
  • Useful for: powering a motor, lighting an LES, sounding a buzzer, etc.

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