Spresense Camera Board


Sony Camera Board for IoT and Embedded Vision Applications
This compact 5MP camera board has a color Sony CMOS sensor with a 5.11MP, 2608 (H) x 1960 (V) resolution and places it on a compact board measuring 24.0mm x 25.0mm.
It can be directly plugged into the Spresense main board with a ribbon cable and outputs in Y/C RGB RAW and JPEG video formats over an 8 bit parallel data interface.

Other features of the Spresense 5MP Camera Board Module:
- 5MP camera board
- Connects to Spresense main board
- Color CMOS sensor
- Outputs Y/C RGB RAW and JPEG video

Spresense can only be purchased through this channel in the United States. All international orders may be subjected to cancellation. 

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